About Us

D.S.G. Jewelry defines a world of charging, elegant, unique and luxurious designer jewelry.

Jacob Abizdid, the brand's founder, has been involved in the jewelry business for 45 years and is a well-known and well-respected customer at the Israeli Diamond.

Exchange. He is well-liked and trusted by many of his clients in Israel and elsewhere around the world. Jacob has taught jewelry design at the Israel Jewelers Association, has opened an office in America representing D.S.G., and is preparing to open an online store (English, Hebrew and Russian), and plans to expand even further. D.S.G. Jewelry is a trendsetter and his clientele includes international artists and businessmen. He makes a point of attending important exhibitions in Europe, including Milan in order to always be up-to- date with new and exciting trends. D.S.G. Jewelry focuses on providing excellent customer service from beginning to end; from the initial idea to the finished product.

His jewelry is so diverse and unique that, at times, it is hard to believe that the designs were created solely by Jacob! His gold and diamond pieces dazzle with beauty and originality.